Nymfi Restaurant is located in Agia Marina, just one minute from the old highway. Agia Marina is one of the tourist development areas of the prefecture of Chania. It hosts a large number of businesses, mainly hotels, restaurants, cafes and rental cars. The locals of Agia Marina are engaged in agriculture and tourism to a greater extent.

The area also hosts a large number of attractions and places of interest. Ornament of the area is definitely the organized beach of Agia Marina with the golden sand. Another important attraction of the area is Nerospilia (water cave) with the dazzling stalactites and stalagmites. Nerospilia in ancient times was a place of worship for Gods.

It is a must to visit the folk museum of Agia Marina. It functions by residents of the area who volunteer look after it and includes exhibitions, workshops for the production of soap from olive oil, weaving art and traditional toys.

Last but not least, do not miss to visit the lake of Agia with its fantastic views.